Healing Earth

Water, land, air — our Earth Commons — is the blessing we share.

Our Earth Commons is our life support system.

Our sacramental life calls us to participate in bringing all things back together in Christ.                     

Our Baptism calls us to heal the water we drink.

The Eucharist calls us to heal the land that feeds us.

Our Confirmation calls us to heal the air we breathe.

Earth Commons - Our Shared Blessing


The air we all breathe. The water we all drink. The land that feeds us all. Our Earth Commons is the blessing we share — our life support system. Our Earth Commons belongs to all people, all life. No one has a right to contaminate it. No one has the right to plunder it for profit. We cannot stand silently by while others damage our Earth. The more we realize Earth's bounty and beauty, the more we must commit ourselves to preserving it and using it wisely.


Blessing Wounded Earth


O God, merciful and loving Creator of all things, look kindly on this wounded landscape. In past times it gave praise and glory to You through its abundant vegetation and unique beauty. We first ask your pardon for human faults to You, and to the land in all its gentleness. We beg forgiveness, for it was a human family affair. Here we make our pledge to repair our wounded Earth around us, as best we can.


Healing the Healers

Everywhere around us we face our individual and collective wrongdoing. Either we have committed ecological damage or, through our silence, we have allowed others to do so. We can acknowledge our sinfulness, beg God's forgiveness. We can rise to new life. We can take our first faltering steps to improve our wasteful consumer practices, and to become sensitive to the needs of others.

Healing the water we drink

Availability of good quality drinking water is a growing global problem. And earth's dwindling supplies of drinkable water are becoming heavily contaminated. The water of our Baptism invites us to help heal the water we drink. Our Baptism calls us to become suffering servants with loving hearts and protecting hands. We are called to halt the aggression against threatened species and our fellow human beings.


Healing the Air we Breathe


Clean air is part of the right to life of all living beings. The atmosphere is fragile and limited. Our smokestacks and exhaust pipes are changing the climate of Earth. Climate change means trouble for all, especially the world's poor. In Confirmation we received the Holy Spirit "the Breath of God." As we inhale we take in the Spirit. As we exhale we go out to others bearing witness to the Spirit in our breath. Through us the Holy Spirit breathes into our world with Love.


Healing the Land that Feeds Us

When we eat, the land becomes part of us. The land is fragile and vulnerable. We need to become sensitive to the suffering land and to the landless poor. We need to touch the earth with reverence and respect. The Holy Eucharist, the Food from Heaven, is Earth-grown wheat and Earth-grown grapes — "the work of human hands." We need the Bread from Life. We need Christ himself, to help us heal our land.


Blessing a New Creation

When we use our hands, head and heart to heal water, air and land we become like God working in our world. We have been consecrated to do God's work. We are called to do our part in establishing the New Creation. We are consecrated to transforming our wounded Earth into a New Earth. By reverently tending our garden-Earth we join in this ongoing creative process.