EGCF 2015, Rome

The EGCF (Extended General Council Forum) took place in Rome from May 11 to 15, 2015.  This meeting was held specifically to prepare for the 2016 General Chapter.

The following sisters represented the Governance Circles:  Australian Circle - Catherine White/Patricia Treacy; Canadian Circle - Francine Pare/Anna Gallant; Latin American Circle - Jean Morrissey (Bolivia)/Ancilla Grenham (Peru); Papua New Guinean Circle - Rosella Lasi/Lorna Kawa/Pauline Jamison; Portiuncula Circle - Elise Gorman (N. Ire, Eng, Ire.) /Mary Paropet (S. Sudan). United States Circle - Donna Driscoll/Carla Thomas; our Facilitator was Sr. Bridget Ehlert, a Sister of St. Louis from California, USA.

The atmosphere for the meeting was very conducive to a style of work which contributed greatly to keeping a focus on the heart and mind of the whole Institute in preparation for the General Chapter.  Each day started with Morning Prayer which centered on the liturgical readings of the day and their connection with the banner on display at the front of the meeting room. This banner, in the form of a circle on a dark background, was re-purposed from the shawl which was used in rituals at the last General Chapter. The meetings ended each day with the celebration of the Eucharist in the main chapel.