Reception into the PNG Novitiate, 11/08/2012

We had two big reasons to celebrate on the 11th of August, one was the 800th anniversary of St. Clare being accepted by St. Francis into the Franciscan form of life. The other was that our two postulants,  Gracelyn Ketau and Sharon Waili were received as novices in our chapel at St. Clare's convent with  Sr. Clara Wartak as their novice directress. 

As early as 4 a.m. sisters were up to “mumu” a goat (cooking with hot stones) for the celebration with the Poor Clare sisters that evening. When that  preparation was underway, we gathered for  the reception for the novices which took place at 7:45 a.m. during our morning prayers. 



After prayers, the candidates and two other young women who were visiting us at that time joined us for breakfast. We had bread and eggs and even pieces of cake.  During the day everyone was once again busy preparing for the Mass of St. Clare and a big meal for the evening. The entire day was a beautiful celebration.