Vocational Promotion in Peru

In May, a movement for vocations began here in Piura. The inspiration of a Franciscan Friar, Padre Eve Donax Sanchez Cardenas, was the beginning of the movement.

They began, after some discussion, by forming a committee of Religious from different communities. Their regular meetings  were programmed and for their first activity they programmed a Vocational Concert. A very well known group of musicians and singers came from Lima for the event. This group is called Siembra and  they sing mostly religious songs all of which they themselves have written.

About 500 young people assisted the concert and on entering they were presented with vocational material of the communities who were interested in working together for vocations. During the concert, in different moments, video spots of the different communities were presented showing the charisms and ministries of the different groups.

At the close of the concert, the young boys and girls who were interested were invited to attend meetings at different places in the city and outside for further guidance and discernment. These meetings are guided by the religious of the vocational committee and will continue into the future for the development of the vocations of these young men and women.  All of this gives us a real hope for continuing to have young people focus on priesthood and religious Life.  We take pride in the fact that two of our Sisters, Clorinda and Iris are involved in the vocational committee and grateful to them for the efforts made in the programming of the concert and the continuing guidance of the young men and women.