2016 General Chapter Logo

This logo invites us to reflect first on the Words, “I am the Vine.” We know that Jesus calls us to intimacy and connectedness to him as our life source. Implicit in this relationship is the exhortation to “Prune for Fruitfulness.” As we discern our future together at this Chapter, it is only with a deeper simplicity of life and focus of energy that can we bring forth the true fruits of God’s mission.






  • The Vine and grapes thus represent our God relationship.
  • The Scriptures represent the tool of pruning.  It is in contemplation of the Word that the true conversion of pruning can take place.
  • Our Community Symbol with the Tau and San Damiano crosses remind of the inherent suffering that such pruning may cause and yet the joy of our Franciscan calling.
  • The oval or circular shape reminds us our call to live in ever-widening Circles of Communion so essential in today’s world.