Gathered in Rome from our different Governance Circles, our General Chapter of 2011 was an Emmaus journey experience. Sharing both our giftedness and our fragilities and listening to the Word, we found that our fragility becomes strength through collaboration and interconnectedness.  We came to recognize the fire which burns within us; thus inflamed, we bring this spark to our Institute Mission. We reaffirm our oneness as an Institute, reaching out to one another to bond across circles.

Our Franciscan appreciation for creation resonates with the deeper understanding of cosmology which shows the interconnectedness of all things, all peoples and the whole universe.  On the basis of this holistic spirituality, the current state of our world which we share with all nations and all generations urges us to take action.

We reaffirm the call to communal Gospel-based faith sharing, which transforms our hearts, as we experienced this as the basis of our chapter discernment. Inspired by this faith sharing, we are called to grow as relational, non-violent, prophetic communities, reaching out to all for justice, peace, healing and reconciliation.


Capturing this energy impels us to:

a)     Share personnel and resources with other governance circles, in new or established mission ventures.

b)    Promote solidarity for a common Institute mission endeavour through our prayer, interest, participation and finance.

c)     Open possibilities of short term mission service to respond to particular needs, in our Circles or elsewhere.

d)    Collaborate for mission ventures, short or long term, with other institutes and agencies.

e)     Encourage intercultural exchange, of Sisters from other Circles or other Congregations, for study needs or immersion opportunities, thus providing an enriching exchange and an experience of internationality.

f)      Promote international coordination of MFIC formation.

The Chapter has rekindled the fire we received as a legacy from our foundress Elizabeth Hayes. Let us fan this flame as we hear again the words spoken to Elizabeth “Go onward, do not doubt.” (D65)