Latin America

Sr. Una O'Donnel in Carmen Pampa

Sr. Una O’Donnell once again responded to the need for a “short term missionary” when illness required Jean Morrissey to leave Bolivia for medical treatment.  Una arrived in Carmen Pampa in January 2016 and lived there until April, forming community with Chris Cullen and Maribel Rocio Mamani Cutipa.  Thank you Una, for your generous response to the request to go to Bolivia.


Our Chapter Mandate alive in the mission in Sondor, Peru

Sr. Ann Walsh, mfic – October 2014

Twenty five years ago I arrived in Sondor to serve in Mission with Sr. Justin Wallace.


Trafficking of Persons in Peru - 3

by Sr. Maureen Coyle mfic

This year, 2014 the human trafficking team developed a plan of prevention and information about human trafficking which will be used in the High and grade schools of the areas of Santa Julia, Consuelo de Velasco and Los Algarrobos.


"Tau" Moments in Piura

Sr. Gustina Renteria, mfic

We decided to use the name “Tau” because we want San Francisco to bless the parish, and to feel his protection and encouragement, that young women would be motivated to consider a Franciscan vocation. We decided to do a mission for 15 days in all the chapels of the parish of San Francisco, using a video “Brother Sun, Sister Moon”.


Trafficking of Persons in Peru - 2

A recent headline in our daily paper of Piura referring to the trafficking of persons, reads: “The low number of cases that have been registered hide hundreds of cases which have never come to light”.


Reflection of Bolivia

Sr. Rosalia Milur from PNG is answering a need in Latin America.


Trafficking of Persons in Peru

In Peru, the movement against trafficking of human beings has been initiated both by the Conference of Religious and the government. Until  recently, there was absolutely nothing about it in the news. Then, with the struggle of one woman for justice after being enslaved for two years and finally escaping determined to fight the justice system, things began to change. But it took the intervention of women in the Congress to demand that the police and the justice system begin to operate according to the law of the country already approved and defend women, men and children who were being enslaved in all kinds of ways.