Peacefulness is part of our widening of circles.

When my Franciscan emblem is noticed, a peace seems to follow.


Ministry of Presence

The ministry  in Woorabinda is above all one of presence and these are the “God moments” when our presence becomes much more important than anything we can do.

Sr Cecilia Prest, mfic 


An Experience of Life on the Edge

Mission in the Short Term 

 by Sr. Maureen Andrews, mfic

Some time ago I invited Fran to come and visit and take part in the life of the parish. There is still life for us when we age and it is helpful to search for places where we can use our gifts and talents. Fran arrived at the Charleville airport carrying the usual staff/tree branch and small parcels of luggage. After some necessary grocery shopping in Charleville we set off for Cunnamulla, a journey of two hours away.