As Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, we commit ourselves by profession of vows to manifest God’s universal compassion and love through inclusive non-dominating relationships of love.  We engage in a daily practice of personal and communal prayer and celebration of the Eucharist. A spirit of contemplation influences all that we do and all that we are.

Inspired by the spirits of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi and Elizabeth Hayes, we consider the gospels our highest Rule of Life. We commit ourselves to serve the poor and marginalized people of our world and to be stewards of the earth.

On a life for mission, Elizabeth Hayes wrote:

“Today I felt inspired to offer myself in life or death, to give up all, keep nothing for myself, throw myself into God’s Providence. Accept me, O Lord, and all that I am and have, for the furtherance of this foundation.

An incessant longing to work for the poor dwelt in my heart and was the subject of my prayers. A mission without work for the poor and sick, doing little or nothing for the place in which we live, is not a very enticing aspect.

I go to neither place nor person: simply God calls me to leave my home and country and to join a foreign mission. If the time were to come again, I would do just the same.”

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