In the mid-nineteenth century Sister Mary Ignatius (Elizabeth Hayes), a convert from Anglicanism, likewise responded to a particular call from God to embrace radical Gospel living.  She received her initial formation in the penitential lifestyle of Francis from the Franciscan Sisters, Glasgow, Scotland, who trace their history to a mid-fifteenth century community known as the Grey Sisters of the Order of St.  Francis from Comines, France. On November 26, 1859, Sister Mary Ignatius made her total commitment to Christ; in addition to the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, she made a fourth vow to dedicate her life to the foreign missions.  It was this vow that led the future foundress to begin her pilgrimage from Glasgow to Jamaica, to Paris, to Rome,    to Versailles, to St. Thomas Island, to Boston and finally to Belle Prairie, in 1873.



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