Our sisters from Canada and Latin America sent us some photos of their Christmas cemebration, in their houses and with their communities.


Coroico, Bolivia

08 1009

Sr Maribel and Sr Helena with the children visiting the families bringing the Little Child Jesus

02  04

Christmas night in which the children sing to the child God . with much joy and enthusiasm. And together with the parents and the FMIC Sisters, on December 23rd, Christmas was celebrated in Coroico with the older adults.


Piura, Peru

001 002 003

Christmas celebration with the children of the human settlement Las Dalias, Piura. They played, sang Christmas songs, talked about the birth of the baby Jesus, shared chocolate, paneton and each one brought their own gift.


Montréal, Canada

Diner des residentes 0544 creche 1er E fmic Copie Fete des Rois 20190106 142948  

Christmas community dinner organized by the administration staff for residents, the crèche in Circle St. Joseph and January 6th gatherings with the community and to celebrate the Kings. This celebration was of a special nature since it was their last meeting in this room that they enjoyed to the fullest. They will soon be moving inside the Pavilion.







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