“Give thanks to the Beloved with your whole heart;

Tell the story of Love’s way;

Be glad and dance with joy;”

Two thousand and twenty-three is a year of celebration for the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. Our sisters throughout the world gathered to celebrate with gratitude the 100th anniversary of the birth of our Foundress Elizabeth Hayes (Mother Mary Ignatius of Jesus) and the 150th anniversary of the foundation of our Institute. 

In a complex and changing world, following the example of Elizabeth, the Missionary Franciscan Sisters continue to live their Gospel centered life in the Franciscan tradition, with joy, telling the story of Love’s way, giving thanks to God with our whole heart. 

We commit ourselves by profession of vows to our Mission statement as we:

  • Manifest God’s universal compassion through inclusive non-dominating relationships of love.
  • Trust in God’s Providence and live in a manner that affirms the right of all to a just share of the earth’s resources.
  • Discern together the voice of the Spirit that has called us to be one in our diversity.

In the spirit of Francis, Clare, and Elizabeth Hayes, we promote ever-widening circles of communion as we:

  • Open ourselves to a life of continued conversion in response to the call of the Gospel.
  • Identify with the victim, the poor and the marginalized in seeking a peace built on justice.
  • Reverence creation, acknowledging the right of all God’s creatures to enjoy its blessings.
  • Address the need within ourselves for repentance, forgiveness and healing while promoting a message of reconciliation.


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Watch the photo gallery of the celebrations on the different parts of the world HERE.

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